The Propera Story

PROPERA was created in 2013 to build human resource and infrastructure needed to fight the 3rd Epidemic of ROP that occurs in Developing countries as described by Dr. Gilbert(1). The Program was conceived by Dr. Umar K Mian, Prof. Muhammad Moin, Dr. Naseer Mahmood. The aim was to create awareness and start screening programs in public hospitals to treat patients and understand the disease in Pakistan. In 2013 as far as we knew there were only 2 hospitals in Pakistan that were routinely screening ROP babies. We were extremely lucky to find wonderful partners institutions and doctors who started screening programs in their hospitals. Prof. Alyscia Cheema & Prof. Jamal Raza at JPMC at NICH, Karachi, Prof. Sorath Noorani and Dr. Shireen Gul at Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital & PIMS Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Prof. Muhammad Moin & Prof. Agha Shabbir Ali at Lahore General Hospital, Lahore with guidance from Dr. Khurram Mirza & Prof Sajid Maqbool, Dr. Ahsan Mukhtar & Talal Waqar. We have built a network of partner hospitals across Pakistan who are providing screening and treatment service to all such patients.